Most people come to us for our creative EDITING, but then realize we are also a full service post production studio. The usual reaction is "Wow, I had no idea you do all of post!"

Yep. That includes all delivery materials for network and distribution. The goal is for you to come to us, and we handle the rest. We have over 150 movies and 500 episodes of television/online streaming under our belts... and we've been doing it for 20 years. Our clients love us not just for our editing, but they keep coming back  for our visual effects, motion graphics, color correction & sound as well. 

Our goal is to make the "Post" experience easy and simple for our clients!

We give them a comfortable space where creativity and imagination can flourish, while still meeting every deadline and deliverable.

Quest Pacifica has created Award Winning Visual Effects and Motion Graphics for over a decade. We have done over 10,000+ visual effects in Television and Film. 

Television and Streaming POST PRODUCTION

Quest Pacifica offers on-site turn-key services that are quick, efficient and cost-effective. Our goal is to continue to build a loyal base of customers that are consistently happy with our service, creativity and our dedication. We have a remarkable team of union and non-union producers, directors, editors, post supervisors, sound designers, visual effects artists and colorists.

​  • FILMING​ 

Quest Pacifica LLC

Government D-U-N-S  #614676430

Gaming- Post Production

What We Do

We produce. We edit. We do post.

Our goal is to make the "Post" experience easy and simple for our television and online streaming clients! We are a turn-key solution for our client's post production needs. We offer Editing, Sound, Color, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics and Delivery to Network all under one roof!!


We have worked on many projects with the following:

  • EDITING (Movies, Episodic TV/Streaming, Trailers) (Union or Non-Union)


  • UNREAL ENGINE Virtual Production and Virtual Set building
  • DELIVERY (Network TV, Online Streaming, Domestic & Distributors)

Visual FX & Motion Graphics

Quest Pacifica has been working in the Video Game industry for many years. We have been a part of the launch of many of these games. Take a look at some of the projects below that we are proud to have worked on and are currently working on.

Quest Pacifica has created Award Winning Military and Government Media from Producing to managing all of Post Production. We have created and edited many projects that are being used today in the Armed Forces. We have teamed up with many great producing partners during our decade of working with the Armed Forces and the USA government.

Quest Pacifica supports and actively hires US Veterans.

We edit. We do post.

• Editing the Trailers, Commercials, and Launch Teasers
• Graphics and Animation for the  End Slates

• International Localization (titles & languages)
• Visual Effects & 3D Modeling
• Producing & Filming in-game video content
• Producing & Directing Commercials and Teasers